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Future-Proof Impact Education

The Point of Impact Institute is a community of specialist and academic professionals providing future-proofing and sustainable impact-related content to the wider world.

Our longer term goal is a world enabled to survive and thrive in a changing environment and changing world.

We work together with partners to provide various impact topics like environmental developments, climate-change, medicine, and future emerging-technologies. Our combined content allows people to grow and future-proof themselves and their companies.

We have a number of impact related e-learning courses available here.


PoI allows individuals to educate themselves on the current and future issues facing humanity in various categories.


PoI enables each digital curricula and course to assess your own individual experiences and understanding.


PoI enables actionable outcomes post course.

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We’re always looking for the community’s support to help push our campaign further than we could ever imagine. We offer to make your content freely available and look to attract donations that will go directly to different global impact causes.

Does that sound like you?

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If you are a recognised professional in different specialist areas and feel that your knowledge and experiences can help the wider world, then please contact us at info@pointofimpact.institute to join our community.

Our team is ready to work with you to create and manage consumable knowledge of your specialist areas where you keep ownership.